Women-owned businesses

Kim and Pom


Natalie Kim, Kim and Pom, Hamilton, ON

"I love that my business is built on thoughtfulness, quality and a passion to brighten up our customer’s day with our handmade, natural bath & body care products. We are excited to be able to do our part to ensure that you and your loved ones feel special. As a small, local business, Amazon’s wide reach and efficient fulfillment service has provided us with the opportunity to connect and share our beautiful products with customers across North America."

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Cup of Té


Taylor Lindsay-Noel, Cup of Té, Toronto, ON

"Selling on Amazon is absolutely vital for our business! We recognize Amazon as the top marketplace to get absolutely everything you could ever need. Additionally, with more people shopping from home, it has been the perfect addition to our sales due to their quick shipping and built in exposure for our growing brand."

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Hunter & Trove


Yulee Harris, Hunter & Trove, Vancouver, BC

"For me, the beauty in jewelry goes beyond its golden shine and holds more meaning than its dainty size shows. It’s in the moments that make up our beautiful stories. The quiet moments of self-care – the time taken in the morning hours to put on your favourite earrings. The necklace worn as a golden reminder of those we cherish. Jewelry can capture a feeling. I love how Hunter & Trove’s pieces may be a golden thread woven into these moments."

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Isabelle Matte


Isabelle Matte, Ces Ptits Pigments,Sherbrooke, QC

"Making the world a happier place, one splash at a time! I love creating watercolour paintings that stand out with their bold and vibrant colours, and the best part is making it affordable and approachable for any animal and nature lover out there. One of the greatest pleasures is when people say that my paintings make them think of someone special or that having them in their home sparks some joy every day."

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Sara Panton, Vitruvi, Vancouver, BC

"At Vitruvi, we are so passionate about our community. They are the most important part of our business and inform every decision we make, from the colours of our diffusers to the packaging of our products. They are the heartbeat of our brand and inspire us to create new, innovative home scenting solutions."

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Three Ships Beauty


Laura Burget & Connie Lo, Three Ships Beauty, Toronto, ON

"Selling online on Amazon is essential to our small business as it's a platform that enables us to reach a much wider audience of customers than we would be able to reach just through our own site. Additionally, Amazon offers unparalleled convenience for our current customers as well who are looking to capitalize on fast Prime shipping. Finally, review generation on Amazon is trusted by consumers more than reviews on any other platform, which has helped us gain credibility with new consumers."

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Bartholomew Sisters


Amandla Bartholomew, Bartholomew Sisters, Pickering, ON

"I started Bartholomew Sisters as a desire to use cleaner products on my skin. I began making products for myself and friends before being encouraged to start the business in May 2017. The products are handmade by me - they're all natural, vegan and cruelty-free with a West African twist. I learned how to make the majority of the products from my paternal grandmother back in 2009 on a trip to Ghana."

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Luna Nectar


Mia Fiona Kut, Luna Nectar, Vancouver, BC

"My mission is bringing the power of natural adaptogenic herbs to your skincare and haircare routine, in a clean, eco-friendly format. I love creating products that help people look and feel beautiful and encourage back-to-roots solutions to enhance natural beauty. As a company, we are also super passionate about standardizing sustainability and attention to social issues in the beauty industry - we have a lot fun dreaming up new ways of doing so!"

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Jane Garnett, Jacaranda, Oakville, ON

"Selling on Amazon is important to my business as it has provided huge opportunities for growth. I am able to stock the Amazon warehouses with my jewelry during the quiet times in preparation for the busy selling seasons. This enables me to operate my one-person business more efficiently and meet customer expectations of timely delivery. Having Amazon handle the fulfillment and logistics of a sale gives me the freedom to spend more time creating jewelry. I love the fact that a customer, via the Amazon platform, can order my handmade jewelry from anywhere across Canada, and hold it in their hands often within a day or two."

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The Unscented Co


Anie Rouleau, The Unscented Co., Montreal, QC

"At The Unscented Co., we don't just sell soap, we're on a mission to redefine the notion of clean by participating in the worldwide movement to eliminate single-use plastic packaging. I'm proud to say that last year, 854,521 bottles were saved from landfills due to the collective effort to adopt our refills. Every morning I wake up with butterflies in my stomach because my team and I are part of the solution and we're proud to show to the world that it's possible to have an environmentally and socially responsible business!"

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Stella Benson


Stella Benson, Benols Beauty, Calgary, AB

"I was previously in the finance industry, but am now a mother of three with a husband that travels a lot as an engineer. In 2017, I started searching for a business opportunity that would allow me to set my own schedule so I could have more flexibility and freedom to be with my family. After researching, we found ASM (Amazing Selling Machine), joined it and started selling on Amazon in June 2017. We decided to offer products that would provide a flawless look, with bold, beautiful eyes and face in minutes. Additionally, we wanted to focus on products that are high quality, all at an affordable price. My products are made with safe, premium and quality materials. Our magic eyeliner is a gamechanger for people that love false lashes because it is a no-glue, non-magnetic formula that works with any eyelash of your choice. Our lashes are handcrafted, cruelty-free, reusable and last for multiple uses. Our makeup brushes are premium quality and also a perfect gift for loved ones."

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Designs by Nature Gems


Laura Sultan, Designs By Nature Gems, Toronto, ON

"I believe in everything I create and the positive environment I’m creating. When building every design, each step involves meticulous work that allows me to be creative and build something. The company environment is inclusive, allowing everyone to grow and encouraging all to pursue their other creative passions, just as I do."

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Kiersten Hanly (pictured) & Jessica McNeil


Kiersten Hanly & Jessica McNeil, Scrub Inspired, Cape Breton, NS

"We always knew we wanted to start a business together, but it wasn't until we were experimenting with a rosemary plant that we had that "ah-ha!" moment. We formulated a few sea salt scrubs made from herbs in our garden, fruit in our fridge and oil from our cupboard. They were simple, natural and good for your skin. We realized skincare doesn't have to be complicated. This inspired us to create a full line of end-to-end skincare products that are designed to simplify your life. They are safe, natural and handcrafted in Canada with the environment in mind. We make everything fresh from scratch! We love to use whole, real ingredients in our skincare, meaning our customers get to enjoy the full benefits of natural skincare! When you use our exfoliating scrubs, it does more than just cleanse away dead cells - you get full hydration for your skin. Our goal is to always be the freshest in skincare™ - if you wouldn't eat something that had been on your shelf for two years, why would you put something that old on your skin?"

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CJ Lemky


CJ Lemky, Oojra, Kelowna, BC

"Oojra was started to help people create spaces that elevate their mood, make them happier, more connected, creative and productive, and enable authentic expression with our line of destination-inspired aromatherapy. Oojra is here to bring the richness of amazing travel experiences into our everyday life. We are committed to excellence at all levels, which means creating products that are healthy, stylish and environmentally friendly. Our aromatherapy products are made from the healthiest ingredients possible and are paraffin free, paraben free, phthalate free, lead free, petroleum free and do not have many of the common chemicals found in other scent brands that are detrimental to your health. This is also why our packaging is recyclable and can be repurposed, making it more environmentally friendly."

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Scrub Inspired


Tania Brassard, GOWOOD, Prévost, QC

"GOWOOD is the result of my husband and myself wanting to start a business together. A business that we would be truly passionate about! We were both always big fans of wood accessories and he has a background in IT, while I have a background in retail. We felt these traits aligned perfectly to start an online business.Every product we sell is entirely unique because we use wood as a natural resource. Mother nature does not make two trees the same, so each piece of wood used, creates a unique pattern, colour and grain. We further try to put a product in the market that is priced at an affordable level, yet exceeds our customers’ expectations in terms of quality. Our customers love GOWOOD, because they know you do not need to pay top dollars for a high-quality pair of sunglasses."


Tanya Huang


Tanya Huang, Knot Theory, Vancouver, BC

"After discovering silicone rings five years ago, I was amazed by how they can prevent hundreds of thousands of ring finger degloving accidents that happen each year. I also could not believe how unstylish they were at the time! I decided to create a great-looking and highly functional silicone ring, unlike all other rings available. And boom, they took off on day one! Knot Theory rings feature a 24/7 breathable comfort fit, "no finger muffin-tops" design, and stunning metal-free metallic colours. Our unique features keep evolving because we are always innovating!"

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Puja Vij


Puja Vij, Frönaturals, Calgary, AB

"Moving back to Calgary from Houston in 2015, I started to suffer from skin and hair issues while my husband had issues with his toe joints. Determined to find a natural solution to our problems, I tapped into the knowledge of Ayurveda and other home and natural remedies that I had experienced living in India, Namibia and Angola. Frönaturals was created to share with our customers our own experiences with these 100% pure, cold-pressed beauty oils, plant superfoods and small-batch distilled essential oils, the benefits of which we, as a family, had personally experienced. All our products are 100% pure. We do not use any diluents, additives or added synthetic fillers. We test each prospective product in our daily lives and only when we are convinced that the product delivers benefits to our health and wellness do we introduce the product in our store at an affordable price point to our customers."

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Emery and Opal


Amanda & Tiffany Reis, Emery and Opal, Montreal, QC

"We've been passionate about creating jewellery ever since we were little kids, making friendship bracelets for our friends and family. We began Emery and Opal as a way to raise money for breast cancer by selling our bracelets online. As our company grew, our product line and designs expanded into the brand we are today. We are truly passionate about giving back and donate to various charities every month. We create dreamy, celestial and feminine jewellery. Inspired by nature and our spiritual journey, our designs are handmade with love, gratitude and a touch of whimsy in our Montreal office. All of our sterling silver is made from recycled materials and we are continuing to strive towards working with only recycled metals."

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